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(Plugin) SupaTrigga

A new plugin which could be called AutoBreaks, AutoGLitch or whataver.
When synchronised to tempo this plugin will take the incoming audio and re-arrange it in a musicaly sensible way. Think of it as a realtime ReCyCle with fun options.
A bit hard to explain how exactly it works, just give it a spin!



How come my slices aren't reversed all the time?

if a slice isn't "reordered" it can't be reversed, nor slowed down.

I want feature XYZ, ABC doesn't work!?!!!

feel free to post any bugs or feature requests here:

In which hosts does Supatrigger NOT work?

doesn't work in cubase 5.1PB's (bug in cubase)
doesn't work in any of the direct-X adapters (adapters don't supply advanced timing info needed by supatrigga)
doesn't work in fxplansion's VST-AU adapter (yet?), same problem as DX adapters